During this pandemic situation of COVID-19, it is very important to have a clean interior as a part of preventive maintenance. Dirty air vents can easily accumulate harmful bacteria and other allergens which can be easily spread in the cabin. Even if you let someone else touch your car or drive it, chances are it can get contaminated. Even the few minutes, used by a valet at hotel or someone sought a lift, are enough. 

Not only the interiors, but exteriors are equally important where filmy windows and mirrors if not properly cares can obscure the driver’s view to the road while the grit and grime can work their way inside buttons and switches and cause them to fail.

Steam Cleaning is a revolutionary method that is safe and less time consuming for the interiors and exteriors of the car.  Many factors helps to ensure this result: high pressure water sprayers can get moisture in sensitive automotive electronics, water use restrictions, the banning of harsh chemicals and simply reducing the amount of effort and time required. Steam cleaning can be used to clean interiors, disinfect air-conditioning/heating vents, degrease engines and even wash entire cars.

For high-end industrial steamers, steam exits the wand at around 212 degrees Fahrenheit and decreases to somewhere around 160 degrees when about 6 inches away which is provide to be safe for cars.

Steam can only cause problems on rubber and plastic and that too if you get really close, which is why you should always keep a safe distance from your vehicle when you start. Another common problem is accidental scratching if you use any kind of microfiber towel that is dry. Always make sure to lightly graze the surface of your vehicle as you move the steam wand over certain areas. The goal is to remove the water beads. Steam is safe and practical for most dirty vehicles with a layer or two of dirt.

One of the main benefits of using steam to clean your vehicle is the fact that you do not need to apply any soap, degreasers, or other cleaning supplies.

Steam cleaning your car enables users to clean up dirt within the paint without damaging it. Also it is effective to remove stuck on wax, sealant, and even vinyl-cut stickers that have been baked on glass or paint. It’s also one of the safest ways to do this, without using harsh chemicals, razor blades, or any other products that can cause scratching.

Steam is an excellent choice when cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle because the high temperatures actually kills and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Since steam is air borne, the heat naturally kills any bacteria or viruses in the air. This leaves you with a vehicle that smells clean and fresh which is completely safe and healthy for your family. Steam car wash is in favor of environment protection because it does not use detergents and thus does not generate waste water. The benefits of steam technology are boundless. 

Overall it can be said that Steam Cleaning is the best option to get your car cleaned and sanitized safely and easily consuming less time and water.