A steam cleaner is a great way to improve your car’s looks as it removes the stubborn dirt, mud, and stains from the surface even better than soapy water or chemical detergents. The high-pressure steam cleaners never mess with the paintwork or scratch the surface. Instead of, it delivers a high-quality cleanliness that can last even longer than a conventional car washing.

Best of all, with steam cleaners, you will get a clean and shiny car without causing any damage to either the car or the environment. Most old-fashioned cleaning methods rely on water and harsh chemical agents to clean the car, while steam cleaning uses a steam machine with a little amount of water is required to do the rest of the job. That’s certainly more than enough reason to try steam cleaning technology next time, if you bring the car for a professional automobile detailing. It is ideal for cleaning both the interior and exterior.

For interior cleaning, steam cleaners are excellent as they come with different nozzles that can be used to pick up dirt and dust even from hard-to-reach areas like air vents and the small spaces between your dashboard buttons. Steam cleaners can remove the dirt and odours from the carpet while the bristles will lift dirt from the carpet to rejuvenate the overall look of the carpet. A steam cleaner will do the same job as a carpet extractor but at the same time it will clean hard and difficult surfaces. It comes with various car detailing attachments for proper cleaning and disinfection. A steam cleaner’s low moisture content of steam is applied to surfaces such as knobs, ventilation systems, buttons, and switches to clean away odours and dirt.

Steam cleaners are the ultimate tool that can tackle any exterior detailing challenge. Wheels, rims, and brakes quickly become coated with a heavy layer of brake dust. By using just steam cleaner, or with its hot water molecules, you can melt away the brake dust and easily flush it away. The exterior of a car may not be a smooth surface because it has many openings and pores. Over time, this dirt and wax get trapped in the pores and make your car look dull. Steam opens these pores of the clear coat and blows out the dirt while restoring the paint to its original shine.

The engine bay is coated with carbon, oil, and other greasy materials. A steam cleaner is the right choice to restore the engine’s appearance to its near original condition. The heavy oil and grease are no match for the right balance of heat and pressure of the steam. The high pressure steam quickly blows away dirt and grime while the heat melts away the stick-on grease. The steam cleaner will be able to reach even the most complex areas of an engine bay. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, steam easily evaporates out and reduces the risk of water inducing damage to the engine.

Steam not only removes stubborn stains, but it also denatures germs and bacteria inside the car. Most of the antibacterial cleaners come with chemical components that may increase the risk of health problems, whereas a steam cleaner instantly kills bacteria without the aid of any chemical agents. The super-heated steam produced by steam cleaners is enough to kill most of the germs and bacteria, along with other microbes.

The chief advantage of steam cleaning your car is that there are no harmful or harsh chemicals used. In fact, it does not need any soap, detergents, or any other cleaning supplies. A proper nozzle of high temperature steam is adequate to melt down the dirt on any surface. Harsh and harmful chemicals are not only hard on the surface, but they are also hard on the environment too. On the other hand, steam cleaning is not harmful at all as it offers your car a great opportunity to stay close to nature and ‘Go Green’. Hence, there is no need to use and expose yourself and the environment to harsh chemicals.

The steam cleaner will be accessible on all types of vehicles – classic cars, motorcycles, or larger vehicles. The various attachments of steamers easily reach and penetrate every surface, regardless of the shape and angle. The power of steam effectively cleans out the grime, leaving the surface looking like new. It is also a safe and environmentally friendly way to get the vehicle clean. The high powered steam cleaners are increasingly becoming popular, especially in the automobile industry, because with less than a gallon of water, they clean both the exterior and interior of the car from top to bottom.