Motion sickness is common for children, pets, and sometimes adults while inside cars for a long time. This condition occurs when your brain cannot make any sense of the information sent from your body parts. However, the vomit can create stains and a foul smell in your vehicle. Leaving the vomit there means it is allowed to get into the soft surfaces in your car, so clean it as soon as possible. This can damage the interior surfaces and ultimately affect your aesthetics of your vehicle. Before cleaning, make sure you put on a face mask and rubber gloves to keep yourself safe because the vomit is acidic in nature and often contains bacteria and viruses. There are numerous methods and cleaning agents are available to remove the vomit stain and unpleasant odor. We can use baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, commercial cleaning agent or optional ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, air fresheners, and coffee grounds to remove the foul smell. Each home cleaning agent has different cleaning properties and interacts in different ways. The best way to clean vomit from the interior of the car by steam cleaning. The first step is to clean up the vomit as quickly as possible; otherwise, it will stick to the fabric upholstery of the vehicle. So it is important to clean up the vomit before it dries up. Fresh vomit will likely have multiple layers. Use paper towels to remove any particles or solid material from the vomit. Dab the surface until the vomit stains are no longer visible on the car seats. Cleaning the vomit from your car with vinegar is carried out by two different methods. The first one is by combining distilled white vinegar with dish soap and warm water to scrub the affected area, and the second method involves simply pouring white vinegar in a bowl and leaving it in your vehicle for at least 18 hours. The vinegar will naturally absorb the pungent smell as it has cleaning and odour-eliminating properties. Baking soda is another key agent to eliminate odour and provide a deep cleanse to the surface. Baking soda is an inexpensive ingredient and an effective product for cleaning. Spreading the baking soda and scrubbing the vomit area will neutralise the nasty smell and stain. The longer it sits on the moist vomit, the more it will absorb. Hydrogen peroxide also has the same properties of eliminating the lingering smell. Hanging an air freshener will simply mask the foul smell, but doesn’t get rid of it from your car. Though black coffee grounds will not entirely absorb the smell, still it is extremely cost-effective. If you want to get rid of the vomit stain and smell efficiently, then the ideal way is through steam cleaning. The steam cleaners are specially designed to eliminate the vomit particles and to sanitise the entire vehicle. The steam cleaners come with an extractor to remove the liquid vomit, excess moisture, and sterilise the surfaces. Besides that, expensive commercial cleaning products release toxic residues, which will be harmful to your kids or pets when they come into contact with them. The vomit liquid in the small cervices of the switches and buttons is easily removed by the steam. Hence, it is perfect for seat belts, windows, door handles, and other control panels to clean up vomit. Without soaking the area, steam can sanitise the entire surrounding surface. This is really convenient for leather upholstery in the interior of the car. The acidic properties of vomit and the absorbent nature of the leather upholstery withhold the foul smell for a long time, which may cause discolouration. Vigorous scrubbing will only damage the car upholstery and further make it more difficult to remove the vomit stain. Using an efficient steam cleaner, we can spotlessly remove vomit stains and unpleasant odours, and also destroy any bacteria that may be left behind on car upholstery. Steam can act as a natural deodorizer and hence restore the air without any chemicals.