In recent years, the scale of the car wash market continues to expand with the rapid development of the automobile market, especially the steam car wash market. In the modern world of the internet era, everything has become more and more convenient without stepping out of the home. Now, car washing is also beginning to move in the direction of not leaving the home. Mobile steam washing or app based door-to-door services are the current global trend in the car wash industry.

 The development of steam car wash is influencing the traditional car wash industry strongly and continuously. The new steam car wash model will surely become a new development trend under the situation of globally promoting the low carbon, energy saving, green and environmentally-friendly technological revolution.

The steam car wash needs only a little amount of water, about five litres for each cleaning. In the traditional method, an average of 100-200 litres of water is needed for each car. During the cleaning process, foam residue and sewage flow cause chemical pollution and water loss, while in steam washing, the water is converted from a liquid state to a gaseous state, and then the high-pressure water vapour is sprayed onto the vehicle body. Therefore, the steam washing vehicle basically does not generate sewage, and the environment is better protected.

The application of steam cleaning is possible to various places, such as detailing shops, residential areas, parking lots, gas stations, etc. The no shop operation method enables door-to-door services and online reservations to meet the convenience of the customers. The wide range of services like interior and exterior cleaning, deodorization, engine compartment, air conditioner vent cleaning, carpet cleaning, then car washer provides on site cleaning service.

Steam not only thoroughly washes your vehicle’s exterior, but also sanitises the interior. It is scientifically proven that steam can destroy all known bacteria and germs. Did you know that microscopic pathogens are found living on the upholstery of cars? So steam cleaning, naturally neutralises germs and bacteria and provides a quick and healthy environment. In fact, a steam cleaning machine uses a little amount of water to clean the entire car, hence minimising the number of hazardous chemical cleaners.

Most steam cleaners come with various attachments, from multiple-sized nozzles to brushes, and these attachments easily remove the components from the narrowest crack. The temperature is powerful enough to deep clean but gentle enough on your car’s engine, paint, and interior. The high pressure can dissolve the most stubborn dirt and stains in a fraction of seconds. 

Using a steam cleaner makes the interior look spotless and ensures it is completely deodorised and sanitized. Steam is a natural disinfectant and destroys any kind of virus or germs with the help of dry steam. Thus, it efficiently removes virus, bacteria, and other kinds of germs and restores the optimal hygienic conditions. The steam is a perfect way to deodorise and refresh the bad odors, so the air inside the interior space will certainly be a healthier and more breathable atmosphere.

Steam cleaning has great momentum in the cleaning industry. Because of its easy accessibility, steam cleaning is ideal and convenient for both the user and the worker. Regardless of the vehicle, steam cleaning is effective for the interior and exterior of the car, especially for those hard to reach spaces and sensitive areas like the engine compartment. Steam is natural with that high pressure cleaning process becomes much easier. Most of the chemical cleaners leave behind streaks and stains on the surface.