Presumably every car owner who wants to try steam cleaning have this question in their mind: “Does Steam Cleaning damage the car paint?”

The answer is a big NO!!

The main reason why it won’t affect the car paint is due the Characteristic of the paint: Car Paint is highly weather resistant and supposed to endure extreme cold and heat.
The car paint temperature is baked through the baking room at a high temperature of 170 degrees. As long as it does not exceed this temperature, the paint and rubber parts of the car are absolute. No harm will be done.
And the other reason, as the name implies, in Steam Car Wash the water turns into steam by heating, and the steam that spurts quickly condenses into water on the surface of the car body, and then quickly flushes the dirt through steam pressure.
The steam temperature at the steam gun steamer outlet is 100-120 degrees Celsius, but during the car wash, the spray gun mouth is 8-10 centimeters away from the body. After the steam is ejected 10 centimeters from the outlet, the temperature will dissipate. Thus, the steam temperature at this time is only about 50 degrees, and it can be touched directly by the staff, so it will not hurt the paint at all.
For instance in summer, the surface temperature of car paint reaches 60 degrees, under the sun. The steam car wash is only 50 degrees and it is too weak to hurt the car paint, and the steam will decompose the car body. Sludge on the surface makes it rinse quickly.
As for why the steam car wash sprays hot water, we can know from the experience of life that the effect of using cold water and hot water in laundry is very different. Hot water can dissolve the stains on the clothes more easily. The same is true for car washing.
Steam can be sterilized, decontaminated, and has a strong physical property of thermal drop, which can quickly dissolve the adhesion properties of sediment and stains. The dirt is softened by heat and can be easily removed under pressure steam injection.
Make your car like a new one without damage to paint with CAGGO Steam Car Wash.
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