Even if you are not a car expert, you can identify the unusual sound your car makes, different from the normal ones. So, when you hear some clicks and ticks to knocks and pings different from the usual one its natural to get worried.

A good rule of thumb is to take your car to the mechanic for a repair as soon as you hear something off or different which will help to identify the issue at the initial stage and fix it as soon as possible. And if these sounds are coming from the engine, then do not delay even a second to address the issue or it may change from a simple fix to a complete engine overhaul.

Following are five engine noises that require immediate attention.

  1. A nasty squeal when you apply brakes could mean numerous things. Its not necessary that all the time its dire, sometimes a good cleaning is all required to take care of the dirt build-up on the brake rotors, pads, drums or shoes.

But this won’t be the case if these noises are related to the loose belts in the engine compartment or due to worn out brake pads or shoes.

You’ll have to act fast on this issue and examine is as soon as possible.

  1. Whenever you hear a hiss from your car engine under the hood even after the engine is turned off, there is a possibility of leakage. When this fluid comes in contact with the overheated engine this type of sizzling sound is generated reminding you to seek assistance as soon as possible.
  1. Yet there is another type noise which would vary from a model to the make of your car. When you drive the engine will make a relatively even, consistent sound of grinding may be heard when you engage with the clutch and gear. While an automatic gear would produce a jerk or shake. No matter the kind of sound or sensation you encounter since your car may require a quick attention to avoid major issues.
  1. Usually a popping sound should be considered as red alert to take your car immediately to the trusted mechanic, without any delay. This sound is quite disconcerting so an average person who is not from automobile field and does not have any knowledge regarding the car would still understand the issue in hand and would visit the garage.
    Mostly we get to hear this popping sound due to leakage within the fuel injector. However, these sounds can also be generated from holes in the muffler. So it is always recommended to treat all the exhaust leaks so to avoid any type of engine damage.
  1. When you are unable to start the engine in one go, generating a knocking or clicking noise then it’s a signal that its time to make an appointment with your mechanic soon. We usually get this response either due to low engine oil, if you have already changed the engine oil then it may be due to an ignition problem. This issue is generated when fuel ignites inside the cylinder frequently. This would lead to a bad fuel filter, fuel injector, bad distributor cap and damaged spark plug.

Even when you take care of your car as a treasure, at some point it will make some noises since it’s a machine. Just remember the thump rules and visit your trusted mechanic at regular intervals since this would help to identify and fix the issue easily and speedily.