Tires are also an important part of any type of vehicle. No matter how strong the engine is, what will happen even if one tire is not in condition during travelling time. We won’t be able to travel further till the issue is fixed. Once the tire has any issue, the next second everyone runs to purchase a new one, no one thinks how they can extend the life of a tire to avoid these issues.
Let’s go through the steps which would help to reduce replacement of tires at frequent interval:

1. Maintaining proper air pressure is the best way to extend the life of a tire. Some believe that excessive amount of air in the tire will result in providing better mileage and control, but that is completely incorrect.
2. Tires that are not broken or crushed will get the control prescribed by the manufacturers. For those who regularly drive on rough roads, it is always a best option to keep a check at the wheel structure of the vehicle time to time after crossing 5,000 km.
3. Rotate the tire at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer.
4. When replacing old tires and fitting new tires to the vehicle, try to replace the valves and valve caps.
5. Severe braking and acceleration can reduce the life of the tire. So, try to drive at a normal speed where the brakes are used less.
6. Avoid broken and potholed roads if possible. These types of roads can even get your tire punctured. If such roads are unavoidable then drive slowly.
7. Excessive loading of luggage in the vehicle can cause damage not only to the tires but also to the suspension. In addition to the usual punctures there are chances that tires can also explode.
8. While travelling it is always recommended to carry a spare tire which is good in condition. If there is a tire puncture during the journey, you can find a solution in a very short time. Traveling with punctured tires can leave scratches on the sides of the car.
9. Now a days we can see that some parts of the roads are covered with cement concreates. Speeding on these concrete roads can cause the tires to overheat and cause wear and tear. So, it always recommended to drive slowly on such roads to avoid rapid braking and acceleration.
10. Never try to compromise your safety with the price. So always buy ISI branded tires instead of buying low quality tires. Understand that value is more important to your safety than save few cents.