In this challenging time of world pandemics, social distancing and travel restrictions, you may be concerned about COVID-19 virus contaminating your car. A virus can easily enter your vehicle with the touch of contaminated area or by an infected person. The surfaces inside or outside your car like interior or exterior door handles, radio or climate control knobs, the glove box or seat belt are easy spots to get contaminated.

Vehicle contamination is probably not much of an issue if you or your family are riding a vehicle free from COVID virus. But this cannot be said for the cab drivers like UBER or OLA since they have to travel with random people and help them to reach their destination.

If someone who has COVID-19 enters the vehicle and leaves their germs in the car, there would be higher chances for the future passengers to get infected. However, it’s difficult for this virus to survive without any human body. There are chances for COVID-19 virus to spread if the person touches the contaminated surface within minutes or in few hours and later use these figures to touch their nose, eyes mouth or ears. But this virus can be easily spread when you breath the same with the infected person in the small confined space in the vehicle.

That is the reason why it is always recommended to self-drive and not to provide transportation service other than your family members who stay with you. This will lead to zero exposure for the virus to enter your car. Still it is recommended to wear gloves, a face mask or respirator when you drive your car to high traffic stores or any locations where a lot of people visit.

If you suspect that your car has been exposed to COVID-19 virus then you can either park your car in direct sunlight to kill this virus in minutes or you can get your get your car sanitized by disinfecting the following touch points:

  • Interior and exterior door handles (front and back)
  • Power window buttons (front and back)
  • Power lock buttons
  • Steering wheel (the rim and all control buttons)
  • Turn signal stalk
  • Gear shift handle
  • All control buttons on the radio and climate control system
  • Power seat buttons
  • Seat belts and clasps
  • Seat surfaces
  • Cup holders and center console
  • Glove box (if recently opened)
  • Your keys or key fob
  • Power mirrors adjuster buttons and interior mirror
  • Trunk release inside or outside

Other than these touch points it is always recommended to disinfect your mobile phones frequently since it is always near to us.

To keep car completely sanitized and free from these harmful viruses it is always recommended to change the Cabin Air Filters at regular interval. Cabin Air Filter helps to clean the air entering your car. The filter also helps to clean the air recirculating inside your vehicle. This filter can help to trap the virus particles. This may not add a lot of protection, but it would help to reduce the amount of airborne dust and virus particles that may be floating inside your vehicle. Opening the windows to blow out stale air also helps reduce your risk of exposure.

We all need to be caution and follow social distancing to avoid COVID virus. Use common sense, protect yourself and your passengers in situations where these is a real risk of contamination in places like planes, trains, buses, crowded confined rooms, etc., and stay well!