When one is behind the wheel, driving a car, the top priority should be driving safely to our destination. At the time of driving one get easily distracted by many different elements.

Firstly, we have to be very focused on road while avoiding multitasking. Even music or discussion on topics with co-passengers can cause distraction. Avoid using phone or any type of electronic devices, if you get a call while driving, stop your car in a safe place and then attend. All these factors can be controlled from our end, but the external factors which causes accidents, can be reduced by driving the vehicle slowly.

Driving slowly would help us to understand how the others are driving around us and what they are doing, from which we can detect the unexpected event. Since many motorists drive speedily and rashly performing crazy stunts on the road, we can always be prepared to avoid accidents from this.

Secondly, follow the two second rule, in which the driver should ideally stay at least two seconds behind any vehicle that is directly in front and if the weather is bad then increase the time limit to four seconds. Other than this always adjust your seat and mirrors before putting the car in gear.
Before starting the trip always schedule the time for rest breaks, phone calls and other business. Do not try to skip the food, because hunger may cause for distraction and slow reaction.
If you are travelling with the cargo, secure it properly or it may move around and create hindrance while driving. If any items get loose and fall, don’t try to retrieve it. Always try to keep the money within easy reach so that toll fees won’t delay our trip.

Lastly always ensure that you drive your car fastening the seat belt and drive sober and drug-free to reach the final destination safely and on time. Always try to avoid driving when tired. Take a break and then continue with your driving.
Reconfirm there are no vehicles while changing the lane, rather use signals when you to try to change lane, rather than overtaking other vehicle which may cause accidents. If the weather not good and cannot see the road properly, be extra conscious to avoid colliding.

Following these tips would help you to avoid accidents most of the time.